32 People Who Realized Famous Logos Are Not What They Thought They Were

Big corporations spend millions of dollars on their branding in an effort to make their logos memorable and establish brand recall with their consumers. But sometimes people mistake the elements of a logo as something else entirely.

One such episode was shared by LA-based content director Freddie Campion when he tweeted that his wife always thought that Colonel Sanders’ bowtie in the KFC logo was his entire body, and now he can’t stop seeing a tiny stick figure body every time he sees the logo. The tweet went viral with other users sharing their own humorous misinterpretations of popular logos. Check them out below.


My wife just confessed that for her entire childhood she thought Colonel Sanders’ bow tie was his whole body and now I can’t stop seeing a tiny stick body every time I look at him. - @FreddieCampion



I asked my husband “What gorilla?” & he just looked at me. I never noticed the animals before. - @sasidechick



???? I couldn’t understand why people were wearing black and yellow cartoon teeth t shirts. Then I finally found out it was the new Batman logo (in my defence the yellow “teeth” stand out)???? - @nadiabirm



When my youngest was 4 or 5 he kept begging for “high-five guys” from the grocery store. He got VERY angry with us bc we had no idea what he meant. We finally figured out he wanted Annie’s cheddar bunnies. He was looking them sideways and thought they were fat little men. - @GeekTrader



How about the arrow in the E in FedEx. I never saw it until my son pointed it out... and now it’s all I see. - @chrisol72



Until someone pointed it out to me, I never noticed the bear in the mountain in the toblerone logo - @bangtaneggcup



My entire childhood I thought the MLB logo was a floating duck and I didn’t understand it. I was not a smart kid. - @NickLewis37



My friend never saw the 1 in the old F1 logo and just thought the streaks were supposed to be the one - @JAG30997



I thought the Arby's logo was a whale jumping out of the water. What that had to do with Arby's I'll never know - @adampockaj



Just wait until you realize that Cap't Crunch's eyebrows are on his hat. - @LetsGoStrangers



I was like 25 when I realized this was D. When I was a kid, I thought it was a weird treble clef cause all the movies were musical ???????? - @toho1988



In a similar vein, until just recently I 100% believed that the Hawaiian Punch mascot had antlers for some reason instead of a straw hat. - @thesporq



Canadian "Slippery When Wet" road signs look like this and my friend once told me that as a kid he always interpreted this as a car with duck feet and couldn't figure out what they were supposed to be warning you of. - @BeneFactumGames



My 9 year old daughter recently asked, "I have been wondering...how does that guy drink a soda without any arms?" (A local shop in Helena, MT) ???????? omigosh, we laugh every time we pass it. #FinAndClara - @_Incognito_XoXo



I thought the Browning logo (seen on stickers without the name) must have been the symbol for a heavy metal band. I thought it was a pregnant devil woman. Mother of Satan? Hell Child? ???? I finally took a picture and asked what it meant. Didn’t see the deer until someone told me. - @AmerIndivis



As a child I went into a store and asked for a bottle of 'Zup' - @clarkzip



When my daughter was 2 she would yell out “strawberry “ every time she saw the Canadian Tire logo. - @girlfrommars



I lived in Fort Worth for about 2 years before realizing that the logo of our zoo is an elephant, not a hula dancing octopus - @specslostshoe



Until about my mid 30’s I thought the front feet were his jaws and he had a little white eye. - @racieta2



And Jack in the B-fish. - @magictwicks



As a child, I thought Johnny Cash owned Alaska Airlines since his picture was on all the planes. - @ResistanceGifts



I lived in DC a long time before I realized the Capital Dome is at the bottom of the eagle. - @Cmullett69



She’s a genius. Can you ask her to interpret the Starbucks lady. Does she have legs with little crab feet that she’s trying to lift above her head? I don’t get what’s going on here. - @KatDalziel



When my daughter was little, she asked why they have a dead clown on the box: - @Teeda100



On all Dutch trainstations, you'll find this logo. The text says "mouthmask" depending on which side you approach it, it looks like something else! - @LordPengwyn



Thought this was weird Pac-Man eating a pellet until like a few months ago. - @adamshapiro



that's really close to what i thought about the Food Lion logo! I thought the tongue was his snout and he had a little white eye. - @c_pittman_



When I was a kid I thought this was a Chinese word for New York as their logo. - @willington



I thought the USPS logo was a guy facing left with a pointy swoopy hat, kind of like a shadow. Did not see the eagle for like 20 years - @soulbaby101



I always thought the Fifth Third bank logo was just two open paperback books, and I still have a hard time seeing the numbers unless I think about it - @danrhan



I was the same way with the Superman logo. I don't know how old I was when I first saw the S, but I was likely in my late teens. Before that I only "saw" the yellow and thought it was some weird shape.. - @Jojje94



I was 25 before I saw the M and B. Just thought it was a generic looking glove. As a Cubs fan I now think their logo is superior. - @DocBender

Have you ever mistaken the elements of a logo as something else? Share this post with a designer friend and voice your views in the comments below. Source: Bored Panda

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