Adobe Launches Firefly, A Revolutionary New AI Model That Will Change The Way You Design

Adobe has announced the launch of a new family of creative generative AI models called Adobe Firefly, a revolutionary product that will transform the conversation between creator and computer into something more natural, intuitive, and powerful.

With Adobe Firefly, creators of all skill levels will be able to generate content such as images, audio, vectors, videos, and 3D to creative ingredients like brushes, color gradients, and video transformations with greater speed and ease than ever before.

These AI models will bring precision, power, speed, and ease directly into Adobe’s Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Adobe Express workflows. Adobe Firefly will be part of a series of new Adobe Sensei generative AI services across Adobe’s clouds.

Adobe Firefly will give creators the superpower to work at the speed of their imaginations.

Adobe Firefly Creative Generative AI
All these images were made with Firefly


Instantly change the colors, mood, and atmosphere with text-based video editing


Unlimited creative options with context-aware image generation


Generate custom vectors, brushes, and textures instantly from text inputs or even sketches


Generate templates, banners, and posts from text, images, and moodboards


Turn simple 3D compositions into photorealistic images with style variations


Generate, edit, and customize images

Adobe Firefly - Generate, edit, and customize images
“A modern minimalist house built on a rugged shore, early morning light”


Generate graphics with custom textures

Adobe Firefly - Generate graphics with custom textures
“The letter N made from green and red moss”
“The letter N made of gold with intricate ornaments”
“The letter N made of red particles”

The first applications that will benefit from Adobe Firefly integration will be Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Express, and Adobe Experience Manager. Adobe believes that the full power of technology cannot be realized without great imagination to fuel it. Through the beta process, the company will engage with the creative community and customers as it evolves this transformational technology and begins integrating it into its applications.

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Adobe is also planning to make Adobe Firefly available via APIs on various platforms to enable customers to integrate into custom workflows and automations. The company is designing generative AI to support creators in benefitting from their skills and creativity, helping them work more efficiently, compensating creators, advocating for open standards, and creating a Firefly ecosystem.

Future explorations

Adobe is committed to designing generative AI in a way that enables customers to monetize their talents, advocates for open standards, and creates a Firefly ecosystem. Adobe Firefly will be a game changer for the creator economy and will help content creators work more efficiently and effectively.


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