Can You Sharpen An Image By Using Blur In Photoshop? This Unique Trick Gives The Best Results

What if we told you there is a Photoshop technique in which the more you blur an image, the sharper it gets? And as unbelievable as that sounds, it does a better job than traditional methods.

In this insightful tutorial, Photoshop instructor Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect shares a unique process that involves using Gaussian Blur and special Blend Modes to sharpen your images effectively. He compares the results from this method to the results from the High Pass method, and shows you how to use Photoshop Actions to make the sharpening process faster and simpler. Watch below.

00:18 – Intro
00:47 – Using blend modes
02:15 – Using Gaussian Blur
03:16 – Comparison with High Pass
05:15 – Example 2 with Action
07:55 – Outro

Download Sharpening Action and sample image 1 and image 2 shown in video.

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