Counting in Roman with English and Hindi

Counting in Roman (रोमन संख्या): Welcome back to one more interesting and knowledgeable article. Do you know 0 to 100 numbers counting in Roman? I’m pretty sure, you are not familiar with this and that’s why you are here with me.

Actually many peoples don’t know at least what is Roman and why it is used? If I tell you in short, Basically, Roman is a script and Roman numerals are a type of number system. You all know about counting in Hindi, counting in English, and Counting in Sanskrit but how many of you know about counting in Roman?

In roman numbers, from the Latin alphabet, several letters are used for the representation of roman numerals. Yes, we use the Latin alphabet to write counting in Roman.

So in today’s article, I am going to teach you Roman numbers, counting in Roman from 0 to 100, how to write roman numbers, Roman numbers with Hindi and English meaning, रोमन संख्या, रोमन अंक, रोमन गिनती. So let’s get started.

1 to 100 Counting in Roman | Roman Numbers | Roman Sankhya

Number Roman number English number
1 I one
2 II Two
3 III Three
4 IV Four
5 V Five
6 VI Six
7 VII Seven
8 VIII Eight
9 IX Nine
10 X Ten
11 XI Eleven
12 XII Twelve
13 XIII Thirteen
14 XIV Fourteen
15 XV Fifteen
16 XVI Sixteen
17 XVII Seventeen
18 XVIII Eighteen
19 XIX Nineteen
20 XX Twenty
21 XXI Twenty One
22 XXII Twenty Two
23 XXIII Twenty Three
24 XXIV Twenty Four
25 XXV Twenty Five
26 XXVI Twenty Six
27 XXVII Twenty Seven
28 XXVIII Twenty Eight
29 XXIX Twenty Nine
30 XXX Thirty
31 XXXI Thirty One
32 XXXII Thirty Two
33 XXXIII Thirty Three
34 XXXIV Thirty Four
35 XXXV Thirty Five
36 XXXVI Thirty six
37 XXXVII Thirty Seven
38 XXXVIII Thirty Eight
39 XXXIX Thirty Nine
40 XL Forty
41 XLI Forty One
42 XLII Forty Two
43 XLIII Forty Three
44 XLIV Forty Four
45 XLV Forty Five
46 XLVI Forty Six
47 XLVII Forty Seven
48 XLVIII Forty Eight
49 XLIX Forty Nine
50 L Fifty
51 LI Fifty One
52 LII Fifty Two
53 LIII Fifty Three
54 LIV Fifty Four
55 LV Fifty Five
56 LVI Fifty Six
57 LVII Fifty Seven
58 LVIII Fifty Eight
59 LIX Fifty Nine
60 LX Sixty
61 LXI Sixty One
62 LXII Sixty Two
63 LXIII Sixty Three
64 LXIV Sixty Four
65 LXV Sixty Five
66 LXVI Sixty Six
67 LXVII Sixty Seven
68 LXVIII Sixty Eight
69 LXIX Sixty Nine
70 LXX Seventy
71 LXXI Seventy One
72 LXXII Seventy Two
73 LXXIII Seventy Three
74 LXXIV Seventy Four
75 LXXV Seventy Five
76 LXXVI Seventy Six
77 LXXVII Seventy Seven
78 LXXVIII Seventy Eight
79 LXXIX Seventy Nine
80 LXXX Eighty
81 LXXXI Eighty One
82 LXXXII Eighty Two
83 LXXXIII Eighty Three
84 LXXXIV Eighty Four
85 LXXXV Eighty Five
86 LXXXVI Eighty Six
87 LXXXVII Eighty Seven
88 LXXXVIII Eighty Eight
89 LXXXIX Eighty Nine
90 XC Ninety
91 XCI Ninety One
92 XCII Ninety Two
93 XCIII Ninety Three
94 XCIV Ninety Four
95 XCV Ninety Five
96 XCVI Ninety Six
97 XCVII Ninety Seven
98 XCVIII Ninety Eight
99 XCIX Ninety Nine
100 C Hundred

So guys this was the complete list of Roman numbers counting from 1 to100 with English numbers. But everyone doesn’t know Counting in English. some of these also know counting in Hindi only. and for these people, we should also learn Counting in Roman with Hindi meaning. So let’s see.

Counting in Roman with Hindi and English meanings

1 one I एक Ek
2 Two II दो Do
3 Three III तीन Teen
4 Four IV चार Char
5 Five V पांच Panch
6 Six VI छह Chhah
7 Seven VII सात Saat
8 Eight VIII आठ Aath
9 Nine IX नौ Nau
10 Ten X दश Dash
11 Eleven XI ग्यारह Gyarah
12 Twelve XII बारह Barah
13 Thirteen XIII तेरह Terah
14 Fourteen XIV चौदह Chaudah
15 Fifteen XV पंद्रह Pandrah
16 Sixteen XVI सोलह Solah
17 Seventeen XVII सत्रह Satrah
18 Eighteen XVIII अठारह Atharah
19 Nineteen XIX उन्नीस Unnis
20 Twenty XX बीस Bis
21 Twenty One XXI इक्कीस Ekkis
22 Twenty Two XXII बाईस Bais
23 Twenty Three XXIII तेइस Teis
24 Twenty Four XXIV चौबीस Chaubis
25 Twenty Five XXV पच्चीस Pachis
26 Twenty Six XXVI छब्बीस Chhabis
27 Twenty Seven XXVII सत्ताइस Sattais
28 Twenty Eight XXVIII अठ्ठाइस Athais
29 Twenty Nine XXIX उनतीस Untis
30 Thirty XXX तीस Tees
31 Thirty One XXXI एकतीस Ektis
32 Thirty Two XXXII बतीस Batis
33 Thirty Three XXXIII तेंतीस Tentis
34 Thirty Four XXXIV चौतीस Chautis
35 Thirty Five XXXV पैतीस Paitis
36 Thirty six XXXVI छतीस Chhatis
37 Thirty Seven XXXVII सैंतीस Saitis
38 Thirty Eight XXXVIII अड़तीस Adtis
39 Thirty Nine XXXIX उनतालीस Untalis
40 Forty XL चालीस Chalis
41 Forty One XLI इकतालीस Ektalis
42 Forty Two XLII बयालीस Bayalis
43 Forty Three XLIII तेंतालीस Tentalis
44 Forty Four XLIV चौवालिस Chauwalis
45 Forty Five XLV पेंतालिस Pentalis
46 Forty Six XLVI छेयालिस Chayalis
47 Forty Seven XLVII सेंतालिस Sentalis
48 Forty Eight XLVIII अड़तालीस Adtalis
49 Forty Nine XLIX उनचास Unchas
50 Fifty L पच्चास Pachas
51 Fifty One LI इक्यावन Ekyawan
52 Fifty Two LII बावन Bawan
53 Fifty Three LIII तिरपन Tirpan
54 Fifty Four LIV चौवन Chauwan
55 Fifty Five LV पचपन Pachpan
56 Fifty Six LVI छपन Chhapan
57 Fifty Seven LVII संतावन Santawan
58 Fifty Eight LVIII अनठावन Anthwan
59 Fifty Nine LIX उनसठ Unsath
60 Sixty LX साठ Sath
61 Sixty One LXI इकसठ Eksath
62 Sixty Two LXII बासठ Basath
63 Sixty Three LXIII तिरसठ Tirsath
64 Sixty Four LXIV चौसठ Chausath
65 Sixty Five LXV पैंसठ Pensath
66 Sixty Six LXVI छेयासठ Chheyasath
67 Sixty Seven LXVII सरसठ Sarsath
68 Sixty Eight LXVIII अडसठ Adsath
69 Sixty Nine LXIX उनहतर Unhatar
70 Seventy LXX सतर Satar
71 Seventy One LXXI एकहतर Ekhatar
72 Seventy Two LXXII बहतर Bahatar
73 Seventy Three LXXIII तिहतर Tihatar
74 Seventy Four LXXIV चौहतर Chauhatar
75 Seventy Five LXXV पचहतर Pachhatar
76 Seventy Six LXXVI छिहतर Chhihatar
77 Seventy Seven LXXVII सतहतर Sathatar
78 Seventy Eight LXXVIII अठहतर Athhatar
79 Seventy Nine LXXIX उन्नासी Unnasi
80 Eighty LXXX अस्सी Assi
81 Eighty One LXXXI एकासी Ekasi
82 Eighty Two LXXXII बयासी Bayasi
83 Eighty Three LXXXIII तिरासी Tirasi
84 Eighty Four LXXXIV चौरासी Chaurasi
85 Eighty Five LXXXV पिचासी Pichasi
86 Eighty Six LXXXVI छयासी Chhayasi
87 Eighty Seven LXXXVII सतासी Satasi
88 Eighty Eight LXXXVIII अठासी Athasi
89 Eighty Nine LXXXIX नवासी Nwasi
90 Ninety XC नब्बे Nabbe
91 Ninety One XCI एकानबे Ekanwe
92 Ninety Two XCII बानवे Banwe
93 Ninety Three XCIII तिरानवे Tiranwe
94 Ninety Four XCIV चौरानवे Chauranwe
95 Ninety Five XCV पंचानवे Panchanwe
96 Ninety Six XCVI छियानवे Chhiyanwe
97 Ninety Seven XCVII संतानवे Santanwe
98 Ninety Eight XCVIII अनठावे Anthanwe
99 Ninety Nine XCIX निनानवे Ninanwe
100 Hundred C सौ Sau

You’ll be able to find the list of roman numerals from 100 to 1000 when you’ve practiced the above list. After learning Roman numbers from 1 to 100, let’s learn counting in Roman from 100 to 1000.

But dear my friend, now I am not going to write all numbers from 100 to 1000 in Roman. Here I am giving you only main numbers and concept or rules of writing it so that you could write any number in Roman.

Counting in Roman from 100 to 1000

Number Roman Numerals Evaluation
100 C 100
200 CC 100 + 100
300 CCC 100 + 100 + 100
400 CD 500 – 100
500 D 500
600 DC 500 + 100
700 DCC 500 + 100 + 100
800 DCCC 500 + 100 + 100 + 100
900 CM 1000 – 100
1000 M 1000

Roman is a widely used number system that is used by all over the world but if you are not familiar with this then you are ignoring a useful topic. In India, you always see that we always use Roman numbers in writing serial numbers. This is why I have shared a list of Roman numbers.

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What did you learn today? In this article, I have shared counting in Roman with English and Hindi numbers, रोमन में गिनती, रोमन संख्या, रोमन अंक, 1 से 100 तक रोमन अंक की गिनती.

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