Designer Creates Typographic Logos Of Superheroes Using Their Faces And Names

Logo designer Sergey Kyrmanov has come up with an interesting project that features typographic logos of superheroes that combine their names with their facial appearance.

The logos have been designed in a way that the name of the superhero takes the shape of the character’s face or mask.

For example, the Batman logo features an illustrated face of the Caped Crusader with the word BATMAN in the shape of his cowl. The helmet in the Iron Man logo is made from the words IRON MAN. The Spiderman logo consists of the words SPIDER and MAN forming the top and bottom of his mask.

Sergey used Photoshop, Illustrator, and Corel Draw to create these logos. Check out the project below.

1. Batman

Superhero Logos - Batman


2. Black Panther

Superhero Logos - Black Panther


3. Boba Fett

Superhero Logos - Boba Fett


4. Daredevil

Superhero Logos - Daredevil


5. Deadpool

Superhero Logos - Deadpool


6. Dredd

Superhero Logos - Dredd


7. Flash

Superhero Logos - Flash


8. Groot

Superhero Logos - Groot


9. Hellboy

Superhero Logos - Hellboy


10. Hulk

Superhero Logos - Hulk


11. Iron Man

Superhero Logos - Iron Man


12. Moon Knight

Superhero Logos - Moon Knight


13. Naruto Uzumaki

Superhero Logos - Naruto Uzumaki


14. Peacemaker

Superhero Logos - Peacemaker


15. Punisher

Superhero Logos - Punisher


16. Spawn

Superhero Logos - Spawn


17. Spiderman

Superhero Logos - Spiderman


18. Thing

Superhero Logos - Thing


19. Vision

Superhero Logos - Vision


20. Yoda

Superhero Logos - Yoda


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Designer Creates Typographic Logos Of Supervillains Using Their Faces And Names
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