Designer Develops Revolutionary ‘Bionic Reading’ Method That Will Help You Read Faster

Swiss typographic designer Renato Casutt has come up with an ingenious new reading system called Bionic Reading that helps you read text faster by artificially emphasizing (bolding) the first few letters of a written word and letting your brain fill in the rest.

How it works: Bionic Reading is based on the principle that our brain can identify whole words from just the initial few letters. By bolding the initial letters, fixation points are created. Your eyes glide over these points and the brain processes the rest of the word, thereby absorbing the written text faster.

People with Dyslexia and ADHD are also benefitting from Bionic Reading based on feedback received by their team and social media conversations. The method can further be adapted to the individual needs of readers by customizing the placement and opacity of the fixation points.

Normal Reading vs. Bionic Reading
Which text is easier to read?


Know more in this video

• Try the Bionic Reading Online Text Converter
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