Hilarious McDonald’s Ads Show How Drunk People Order Food Late Night

So you’ve had a night on the town and it’s time to get some food into your system. You see those familiar golden arches and head to McDonald’s to place an order. You walk up the counter, ready to order a burger, fries, and a coke, but “bulga, flies, and a cloak” is what you end up saying in an inebriated state.

Based on this funny insight, DDB Aotearoa has come up with a brilliant print/outdoor campaign for McDonald’s New Zealand that features headlines that sound like drunk customers ordering food.

The ads feature common menu items such as a Big Mac Combo mispronounced and misspelt as “A Mig Back Congo”. The tagline reads, “We speak late night.”, followed by the McDonald’s logo.

McDonald's - We speak late night - A Big Mac Combo please
“A Big Mac Combo please.”

The objective of the campaign is to promote McDonald’s late night service and restaurants in a fun, humorous way. An interesting detail in the ads is the slightly-blurred background image of the food item that replicates the feeling of a fuddled night.

Check out more ads from the campaign below. Can you decipher them all?

McDonald's - We speak late night - Five Cheeseburgers


McDonald's - We speak late night - Fillet-O-Fish extra tartar


McDonald's - We speak late night - A Double Quarter Pounder and a Coke


McDonald's - We speak late night - Chicken McNuggets with Barbeque sauce / Large fries with tomato sauce / McChicken and a Frozen Coke

Using alcohol for a family restaurant can be a tricky proposition, but the ads seem to hit the mark with their clever messaging, art direction, and subtle use of brand assets. They remind people to be responsible and end their night right.

Client: McDonald’s, New Zealand
Agency: DDB Aotearoa, New Zealand
Group Chief Creative Officer: Matty Burton
Chief Creative Officer: Gary Steele
Creative Director: Ben Pegler
Senior Art Director: Adam Barnes
Senior Copywriters: Veronica Copestake, James O’Sullivan
Senior Producer: Julz Lane
Designer: Paul Edwards
Photographer: Trent Hall
ECD Tribal: Haydn Kerr

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