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Host Your Online Business at Just Rs.50 with Kathmandu Host Shared Hosting
Don’t have an online business website yet?

How much is your yearly sale? Just a four-figure. That’s not worth then. Getting your business online will double your annual profit. So, why not start your online business?

This will not only help you to gain more customers but also will help your brand to reach all over the world. Isn’t that great? Your brand will be recognized by overseas customers too. Now that you have decided to take your business online, you might have started thinking about the infrastructure and management costs as well as space to accommodate your staff. But don’t worry, you won’t be requiring all of these. Your hosting provider itself will manage your hosting account.
The next thing would be developing a website from the developer and hosting it with a good web host. But let me tell you that several web hosts offer you a free site builder to build a website without any coding. This saves the right amount of money that you would invest on a web developer.
That’s all fine! But what about the web hosting plan and provider? How to select them? I want to recommend my hosting provider for hosting your business website. Also, since you are just stepping into the online world, shared hosting is the best option for you.
Kathmandu Host – A Short Intro
I had built my very first website and hosted it with Kathmandu Host. I still remember that day when I took my decision to go with them. It is tough to search for a trustworthy and reliable web host when you are just entering the online world.
When it comes to speed and reliability, Kathmandu Host comes out as the top option as they offer a great rate with many features. Apart from the speed, they are also best for bloggers and WordPress lovers as they proudly support WordPress.
Kathmandu Host is a highly flexible host that offers solutions to all types of websites.
Go through the review below that covers all the details of Kathmandu Host’s shared hosting plans to decide if it’s the right web host for your website.
Why You Need an Excellent Web Host Like Kathmandu Host?
You can create a website and get it live on the internet very quickly than earlier. Still, there is a misconception that you need to be a web designer or developer for building your website. This is true in some cases. For example, if you want to design every part of your website right from scratch completely. But if you select the right web host, you can quickly restructure this process. Right from website builders that will help to build a website quickly to the one-click installer for installing popular CMSs and scripts, you will be offered everything by them.
Not just that, but also, they will ensure that your site is secure, loads faster and a lot more.

At last, the host you select is highly responsible for making or breaking your online success. For instance, if you choose a terrible or low-quality web host, your site will face slow loading speed, won’t get good support, plus you will get less reliability and will be susceptible to hacking.
In case, you are just building your first website; then you will have to go with a host that understands what it is like to build a very first website.
Though Kathmandu Host offers several types of hosting solutions, they focus on beginners that are just starting their online journey.
Kathmandu Host works with you for achieving your website goals and not against you.
Kathmandu Host History
Three experts started Kathmandu Host with in-depth knowledge about web hosting in 2012. The company is headquartered in Nashik, Maharashtra, India and now has established its roots in the overseas.
Today, Kathmandu Host hosts over 10000 clients online and has helped a large number of prospects, right from beginners to professionals to create their online platform.

The company upholds the highest growth since its inception. It indicates that they are doing something in the right way.
They have always remained competitive and famous for their long-term, and this says much about their service quality offered by them.
Shared Hosting Features
Check below the features offered by Kathmandu Host shared hosting plans:

Fast Server Speeds
Pure SSD storage: Kathmandu Host servers comprise of SSD drives which help you offer fast speed. SSD drives provide 200 per cent better performance as compared to the HDD drives. With this, the page browsing experience improves, and so, the traffic on your website increases.
Cloudflare CDN with Railgun: A CDN helps in loading your website faster to the visitors in different locations. When combined with Railgun, it helps in speeding up the connection between the web server and Cloudflare CDN.
Built-in Page Caching: It helps to minimize the load on your server and ultimately improves the performance of your website.
All Free Stuff
Free SSL Certificate: Kathmandu Host offers you free SSL certificate to protect your website against hackers and keep your customer’s data safe. Also, it helps in boosting your SEO ranking.
Free Website Migration: Want to migrate your website to Kathmandu Host? They are always ready to migrate your website to their servers free of cost. Also, you can take the risk with them as they ensure no data loss during the migration.
Free Site Builder: Building your website on your own is very easy with the free website builder. You need to drag and drop the elements such as content and images to build your website.
Customer Support: You get 24/7 support for resolving your queries. Either reach them via live chat, email and phone. Not only your questions get resolved but also, you get recommendations from them for your website’s performance improvement. Their team is highly experienced and will help you in resolving all the queries.
Reliable Server Uptime: Kathmandu Host offers you a 99.95% uptime guarantee which is provided by significantly fewer providers. Their team ensures that your website always stays up and live, to deliver a better user experience.
One-Click Installer: You get an inbuilt one-click installer, Softaculous that helps you to install your choice applications just in a single click. You get to choose over 400 applications to install as per your preference.
Easy Upgrade: If you are falling short of resources on your shared server, you can always upgrade to other powerful options.
Global Datacenters: You can select a data centre location as per your preference. Remember the near is the location to your target audience, the faster is the website performance.
Control Panel: You get an easy to use control panel – cPanel or Plesk based on the OS you select. It helps you to manage all your website files, emails, databases, domains and much more.
Shared Hosting Addons
They also offer the below shared hosting addons, but you need to buy them.
Website Backup at Rs.225/Yr
SpamExperts at Rs.195/mo
Sitelock Basic at Rs.1625/mo
Google Webmaster at Rs.975 one time
Google Analytics Integration at Rs.975 one time
This is a complete review of Kathmandu Host shared hosting. Now, it ultimately depends on you whether you should go with them or not. But I would indeed say that you won’t get all these features at such a low price for your startup website.

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