How To Move Body Parts In Photoshop And Change Poses Like A Pro

The Puppet Warp tool is a powerful Photoshop feature that lets you add a visual mesh to distort specific areas of an image, while leaving other areas intact, with the help of anchor points that act like hinges. This gives you the ability to edit and move body parts in photos, change poses, edit facial expressions, reposition hair, create animations, and more.

But if you try to apply the Puppet Warp aimlessly, you can end up with deformed movements, breakage, and distortions. Photoshop instructor Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect has come up with an excellent tutorial that shares useful techniques to avoid these common issues.

Here’s a 20-second clip that provides a preview.


Watch the complete tutorial

In this in-depth tutorial, Unmesh shows you how to separate the subject from the background, make advanced movements, and use hidden features of the Puppet Warp tool. Learn how to fix common issues like deformations, prevent weird cuts, remove artifacts, and deal with repeat patterns and marks.

00:00 – Problems with Puppet Warp
00:24 – Easy separation
02:48 – Clean up for high-quality result
04:14 – Make it automatic
05:17 – Important settings to prevent weird cuts
06:02 – Rotation technique
08:12 – Advantage of clean work
08:24 – Background expansion
08:52 – Quick recap

Download sample image shown in video.

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