How To Remove Impossible Objects In Photoshop

So you’ve got an image with a highly detailed background and you want to remove an object or two from it. You try using the Clone Tool, Content-Aware, and the Healing Tool but none of them do the job. What do you do?

In this brilliant tutorial, Photoshop instructor Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect shows you how to remove complex objects from detailed backgrounds using spare photos and alignment. He takes you through the entire process which involves picking the right images, replacing objects, recovering missing details, and matching the color, lighting, and contrast. Watch below.

00:00 – Introduction to Magic!
00:41 – Will Content-Aware Fill Work?
01:35 – The Solution to Impossible Replacements
04:00 – Recover Missing Details
06:36 – The Hard Way vs. The Simple Way
08:10 – Recovering Edges and Hair
09:09 – Matching Color, Lighting, and Contrast
10:52 – Extremely Important Advice!
11:19 – Quick Recap

Download sample images shown in video.

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