How to Unblock URL from Facebook

Is your website URL blocked by Facebook? don’t care if you’re thinking about How to Unblock Block URL from Facebook, then you have come to the right post. because this In the post I have told that 100% Working Trick To Unblock Website URL from Facebook.

Why does Facebook block website URLs?

By eating when you are a blogger or you are the owner of a website. And when you’re on Facebook If you share the link of blog or website, then a notification comes in front of you and write in it It is possible that your website URL has been blocked in Facebook. And in such a situation, you wonder why Facebook finally blocked the URL? so let me tell you Facebook has many terms & conditions. And just like Google’s policy Facebook also has its own Privacy Policy.

And one of this policy is URL Sharing, in which if you exceed the limit on Facebook or with some bots By which they share or post the URL. So Facebook does not consider it as Spam and URL of your blog. Blocks Facebook. So before sharing, share some things keeping in mind only.

How to Unblock URL from Facebook

How to unblock url? So two friends, now let’s talk about how we Facebook Me Block URL Ko Unblock Kar Sakte hai? Because all bloggers know that there is never any Organic Traffic in New Blog. comes. And in such a situation, we share our website on social media.

But when Facebook blocks our URL, we do not get tensed because most of the social media Much of the traffic comes from Facebook. So if your Blog Link / URL is also blocked in Facebook then By following the steps given below, you can easily unblock your block url from facebook. can get it done

Steps to Unblock My Website URL From Facebook in Hindi

  1. First of all log in to your Facebook ID on your device.
  2. Now you will not have to go to Facebook Help Center↗ with this link.
  3. As soon as you go to the FB Help Center, you will see the forms related to anti-spam, they have to be filled carefully.
  4. First you will see the URL box, in which you have to type your domain URL.
  5. Now you will see three options out of which you will get the first option (This is a Website I Own/Promote) has to be selected.
  6. Now you have to provide some words in the box below. Copy it to URL and Year Replace and paste it in Facebook Help Center and click on Send button.

Hi, Facebook,
My website is perfectly safe and has been around since 20
Thanks Regards

Now you have to wait for some time (24 hours to 72 hours). So that Facebook will change your URL Unblock your URL by ignoring it as anti-spam by enforcing it.

How to check if a blog link is blocked on Facebook or not? How to check whether your Blog Link is Block on Facebook or not? So it’s very simple. For this All you have to do is login to your Facebook ID on your device. Now you have to Debug on Facebook Tool has to be opened. When your debug tool is open, it will prompt you to enter the URL in front of you. will be called

Now you have to enter your blog link and click on Debug Button. now if your If the domain URL is blocked on Facebook, then an error message will come in front of you in which “We Are Unable To Reviewing Your Site? But if your URL is not blocked, then Facebook will analyze and review your URL. The result of your Do Main will show in your mind.

How to prevent website URL from being blocked on Facebook? Website linking block on Facebook is a big problem. And in such a situation, later he himself becomes alert. still Now it comes to how the website URL block on Facebook can be avoided? So even if If it reports the Timeline shared by you, then at most only then the URL is blocked.

So the best way is to share your link in your own Facebook Page and FB Groups only. do | So that even if someone does e-report, then he will not have any problem. because facebook wants to know It is the owner’s own group so that Facebook will not block your links.

Conclusion – So two friends, you will get this How to Unblock URL from Facebook in Hindi – from Facebook How to unblock url? How did you feel, please tell me by commenting below. and share with your two friends Must do

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