Photoshop’s Incredible New “Remove Tool” Is The Future Of Image Editing

Photoshop has introduced a revolutionary new tool that greatly simplifies the removal of complex and intricate objects from your photos. The “Remove Tool” effortlessly replaces portions of your image with suitable and realistic content, allowing you to eliminate any distracting areas or components, regardless of their size.

Just glide this AI-powered tool over objects and individuals to make them vanish as though they never existed. Even complex backgrounds and structures, like fences or edges, are flawlessly filled in.

New Remove Tool in Photoshop can remove any complex object in no time.
Image via Adobe

The tool is currently available in the Beta version of Photoshop (Desktop), which can be downloaded via the Creative Cloud Application. Once you have installed Photoshop Beta, the Remove Tool can be found in the Healing Brush Tool Group.

Watch it in action

In this tutorial, Photoshop instructor Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect, examines the new Remove Tool in various situations and contrasts it with other tools and features such as Content-Aware Fill. Additionally, he explores the tool’s ability to fix artifacts and perform clean-ups after the fill.

00:00 – Comparison with other tools
01:52 – How to get the tool?
02:19 – Removing extreme objects
02:47 – Fences and nets
03:04 – Features and settings
04:14 – Cleaning up the fill
05:26 – Objects behind nets
06:43 – Drawbacks and workaround
08:29 – Thoughts and conclusion

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