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Do you use Quora? Have you ever thought that you can use Quora to promote your brand and drive traffic to your website?

Quora has over 300 million monthly active users, making it the perfect content marketing platform. In this post, let’s learn how to get traffic from Quora, from creating the perfect profile to submitting the best answers.

What is Quora?

Quora is a social media Q&A platform where users can ask questions, get answers, and interact with other users. It was founded in 2009 by former Facebook CTO and co-founder Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever.

Today, Quora is a huge resource for questions and answers on every possible topic (Currently, Quora covers over 400,000 topics).

Besides just setting up questions and answers, Quora also has some additional features that might be good to know before jumping in.

  • You can target your question to specific Quora users, specifically asking them to weigh the answer together with other members of the community.
  • You can post content on Quora just like you can on the LinkedIn publishing platform.
  • You can search for specific questions or topics related to your business and follow them to be notified of new questions.
  • You can promote your Q&A with Quora Ads.

Why should marketers use Quora?

For marketers, there are some really good reasons why Quora is worth considering.

1. Increase brand awareness

Quora has 300 million monthly active users. You can access a lot of people on Quora by sharing your valuable answers and business with these users.

Also, if you consistently share your thoughts on relevant topics, you can position your company as a thought leader in your industry and sincerely help people with their questions. This can help your brand get more positive support and spread the name around the world.

2. Drive traffic to your site

Quora ranks for approximately 65 million keywords and receives approximately 90 million search visits per month. If you can find questions that rank well on Google and answer them, you can drive referral traffic to your website.


Moreover, it will be a long-term impact that will provide you with stable and predictable traffic over time. Even if you stop actively advertising on Quora.

3. Customer support help and influence

Quora is a marketplace where you can directly contact your customers for their queries.

You can use Quora to provide support to your users and positively influence the discussion about your product.

How does Quora rank responses?

As you might expect, the visibility of an answer depends to a large extent on how high it gets ranked.


Surely there is a complex machine learning system that can analyze several factors and assign a rank to each answer. If you want technical information, the Quora engineering team wrote a very technical piece here.

As described in the article, the first set of elements that machine learning analyzes is to determine if the answer is:

  • Answers the question that was asked
  • Provides knowledge that can be reused by anyone interested in the subject
  • Demonstrates authenticity and is factually correct

It is still unclear which metric has the most impact on rankings. My assumptions about other factors that are used to rank an answer:


  • User Trust: Chances are, each Quora account is given a rating based on how long they’ve been on the platform, how many questions they’ve answered, how many votes they’ve received, and more.
  • Votes for, against, and reports. The answers with the most votes are ranked higher. Chances are Quora also takes into account the “user rating” of the people who upvoted your answers.
  • Topic Expertise: You’re more likely to rank higher if you’ve already answered a lot of questions on the same topic and received multiple upvotes.

How to get traffic from Quora?

1. Create the perfect profile

It may seem trivial, but one of the most important things to start your Quora marketing activity is to have a beautiful profile. Here is what I would recommend getting the most out of your Quora profile:


  • Upload an image like any social profile.
  • Use your real name. Quora is not about building a corporate brand. It’s about personal branding.
  • Fill in the next line “credentials” with a few well-chosen words (maximum 50 characters) describing what you are doing. When you answer a question on Quora, this short snippet of your Quora profile is displayed. So, make the most of those 50 characters. Please include your company name and why you are eligible to suggest a better answer. Typically, this includes your job title.
  • Write a short profile bio, format it however you like, and take advantage of the ability to link to your website, blog, and social media accounts.

2. Find the right question to answer

Answering the right questions will greatly increase your success rate on Quora. Here are two ways to find the right answers to questions.

Find questions that get search engine traffic

We all strive to get the attention of Google and get our website in the first place. Well, surely Quora already has a lot of questions ranking highly for your keywords. Let’s find them and use them to promote our content.

I usually use Ahrefs or SEMrush to find questions that get traffic from Google. Here I will show you how to use SEMrush to find the questions you need.

Step 1 . Enter the domain quora.com in SEMrush and then go to the organic research page from the left menu. Here you will find all the keywords that Quora ranks for in Google.


Step 2 . Filter out the keywords you are going to target. Here I filter out all the keywords related to “making money”.

Step 3 You only want questions with a significant amount of traffic. You can then filter keywords by position to only get questions in the top 10 positions on Google.

Step 4 Sort your results by volume to rank questions for high-volume keywords that Quora ranks well for.

Use Smart Insights from Quora Ads

Even if you do not plan to spend money on Quora Ads, you can still get useful information from it for free. For example, how many views did the question get last week? Here’s how to do it.


Step 1: You need to have a Quora business account. If you don’t have an account, create one here. 

Step 2: Log in to Quora Ads Manager and click “Create New Campaign”. Whatever you add here, it doesn’t matter at all. We are not actually creating a campaign. Just give it a name and a budget and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Target Your Quora Ads You can then find more detailed statistics on the views the question receives. Here I select “Contextual Targeting”.

Step 4: You enter a targeting question. To get more stats, here you should click on Bulk Add.


Step 5: A pop-up window will open. You can insert a specific question title if you are researching a specific question you want to answer. Or you can insert multiple keywords (one per line) if you are in discovery mode and want to quickly find high-traffic questions that you could answer.

Step 6: Click “Continue” and the magic will happen! The Quora Ads engine will return the views our question received in the last week. Plus a list of many other questions on current topics. Now that’s a meaningful statistic!

Bonus Tip: You can also use Quora Ads to gauge how popular a topic is. In the fourth step, choose topics instead of questions as your targeting type. Then write the topic you want to analyze.

Look for questions that have a lot of followers

If a question had a lot of followers, it was more likely to appear in the daily Quora digest. If a question has 5,000 subscribers, there is a chance that 5,000 people will see it in their digest.

3. Win on Quora with quality answers

Now that you’ve identified topics and questions related to your business, it’s time to answer them. Ask yourself what makes you an expert or thought leader and why should others care?

Want your answers to stand out? Use the following actionable tactics to earn votes, attract Quora followers, increase traffic to your website or blog, and generate high-quality leads.

Be one of the first to answer a question

To increase your chances of your answer getting a ton of views, try to be one of the first to answer a recently asked question.

Here’s how to find recently asked questions:

Find your main keyword or question in the Quora search bar, go to the search results page, and then use the filter menu on the left to filter by time. I recommend using the option to filter questions posted on the last day or last week.

Add values ​​to your answer

  • Looking for missing information in the available answers? Can you share an original, superior answer?
  • Are there any points mentioned in the current answers that you can elaborate on? You can share tutorials, step-by-step instructions, or links to external resources that readers can refer to learn more.
  • Is there outdated or incorrect information? Share new reports, data, research, polls, statistics, how-tos, features, and more to provide visitors with the latest information.

Answer questions about your brand and competitors

I recommend keeping an eye on your brand theme (if available) and trending topics in your market or industry. Then answer questions about your brand, your products and services, how you compare to your competitors, and more.

The people posting these questions are most likely in the middle of your marketing/sales funnel and are turning to Quora for more information that can help them turn into paying customers.

Be sure to provide them with as much useful information as possible to help them answer their request, and include links to resources where they can learn more.

Include images in your answers

Across all social media platforms, images have been proven to significantly increase post engagement, and the same is true for Quora.

Please note that Quora will use the first image in your post as the cover image, even if it is in the middle or at the end of your post. So if you decide to include an image, make the first one stand out.

Make answers readable on mobile devices

It’s easy to write paragraphs of text to answer questions, but don’t forget about mobile users. To improve readability on mobile devices, use only 1-2 sentence paragraphs, use numbered lists and bullets, and bold important points, quotes, or highlights that you really want readers to notice.

4. Answer related questions

There you will find different similar questions on the same topic. You can start answering questions like this. Instead of writing new answers each time, you can create templates for similar questions.

Make multiple changes to the same answer for different similar questions. The templating strategy will save you time as well as simplify the response process.

5. Request a verified badge on Quora

According to Quora…

“Only Quora (the company) can review accounts, but you can let us know if you see profiles you think we should review.”

Quora allows users to submit a review request using this form. They have noted in the past that profiles are more likely to be verified if a significant percentage of Quora readers know the profile owner’s name or bio and if the profile is linked to additional social profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

6. Create a Quora Page for Your Business

Anyone can create a Quora page and establish a presence on any topic of their choice. If you want to create a page for your brand on your site, start by searching for the brand name.

If you don’t find a name, you can select the “create a topic” link below the “add a question” field. Here you can give a name and description to the page and start branding.

After the topic is published, you can ask the Quora community for feedback that will help users decide to partner with the company.

7. Repurpose Your Quora Blog Content

Previous blog posts and articles that have been published for a long time can be reused.

You can simply add a link or use the content of your old posts that are relevant to your recent replies. So retargeting is a smart way to drive traffic to these blogs. Most importantly, it saves a lot of time, effort, and resources.

8. Try Quora Advertising

Companies and individuals often want answers from the wider Quora audience. With Quora Ads, anyone can expand the reach of their Quora answers.

To get started, you need to create an ad account. Promoted Answers have the same targeting options as all other Quora ad formats, allowing businesses and individuals alike to build followers who will be ready to interact with the future answers they write.

9. Share your answer on social networks

Want more exposure? Through Quora, you can share your answer to your questions or answers and start a conversation on your social platforms.

This feature is handy if you have a lot of social media followers and you want them to know more about what you do or engage them in the discussion through your posts. So Quora can not only drive traffic to your website, but it can also potentially make your social platforms more active and alive.

10. Contribute regularly and consistently

This is commonplace advice, but social media encourages persistence. Kora is no exception.

The more questions you answer, the more likely you are to appear in people’s feeds, and the more votes and views you get.

It’s time to get traffic from Quora

On Quora, you can get more quality traffic, increase your authority, and learn more about your audience.

Are you considering Quora for your marketing strategy? If you love Quora marketing right now, it’s time to get down to business and start answering questions.

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