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Paying for the use of a motorway or tunnel is unusual in the Netherlands, but the neighboring countries earn well from it. The British money lender Moneybarn investigated which toll roads are the most expensive.

The most expensive way to travel in Europe appears to be the Eurotunnel. Motorists pay a total of 132 euros to make the crossing between France and the United Kingdom. To do this, they have to put their car on a train. This may explain why this amount is more than twice as high as for other toll roads and tunnels in Europe.

In second place is the Øresund Bridge or Oresund Bridge, which connects Denmark and Sweden. The price for this crossing is 55 euros. It is the longest bridge of its kind in Europe, hence it is also the most expensive to cross. But despite the length of 8 kilometers, the bridge is not long enough to make it across. The rest of the journey is via the Drogden Tunnel, from the man-made island of Peberholm in the middle.

Cheapest tunnels less than one euro

In third place are two tunnels connecting France and Italy. As the name suggests, the Mont Blanc Tunnel passes under Mont Blanc and is one of the main routes through the Alps. The Fréjus road tunnel was opened in 1980 to relieve pressure on the Mont Blanc tunnel. The toll for both tunnels is EUR 47.40.

The most expensive country for a road trip is Austria with 14 positions in the top 20 most expensive toll roads in Europe. Italy and France are also quite common among the European countries with the most expensive tolls. The cheapest roads in Europe are in Sweden: the operators of the Motala Bridge and Sundsvall Bridge charge drivers less than one euro.

The Netherlands only has toll tunnels

The Netherlands has no toll roads, but there are three toll tunnels: the Westerscheldetunnel in Zeeland (5 euros), the Kiltunnel near Dordrecht (2 euros) and the Wijkertunnel (A9) and Noortunnel (A15). The latter two are subject to a ‘shadow toll’. This means that it is not the motorists who pay the toll, but Rijkswaterstaat. The toll is paid per vehicle passed to the financiers of the tunnels. The only toll bridge in the Netherlands is the toll bridge at Nieuwebrug (50 euro cents).

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These are the most expensive toll roads in Europe | Car
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