Top 10 Graphic Design Trends Of 2022

Previously, we featured the top trends in logo design for 2022. In today’s post, we focus on the latest graphic design trends with the help of this excellent list by GraphicMama.

2022 is all about breaking the rules. 2D/3D mashups, kinetic typography, psychedelic design, and bright bold colors will prevail. Expect to see more use of Art Deco elements, Risograph effect, layered paper cutouts, and 3D characters.

Another notable trend is the use of glass, crystals, and glossy surfaces that look futuristic and evoke a sense of luxury and exuberance. Glassmorphism is one of the hottest trends in UI/UX design at the moment, featured in our article here.

It’s important for designers to know what trends will appeal and work for businesses and consumers, as they aspire to stand out from the crowd in a bold, new world. GraphicMama’s video covers all the latest trends, with examples. Watch below.

00:06 – Trend 1 – 2D/3D Mashup
00:19 – Trend 2 – Fonts with a Twist
00:42 – Trend 3 – Glass and Crystals
01:09 – Trend 4 – Candy colors
01:40 – Trend 5 – Riso Print Style
02:06 – Trend 6 – Art Deco
02:22 – Trend 7 – Paper Cutout
02:35 – Trend 8 – 3D Characters
02:53 – Trend 9 – Holographic Design
03:12 – Trend 10 – Psychedelic


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