Top 7 Creative Trends For 2023

In 2023, brands are looking to engage consumers with new immersive experiences that break the monotony of routine and invite them to escape from the ordinary. Content creators are seeking to woo audiences with unique creative approaches, Extended Reality (XR) technology, and innovative production techniques.

To highlight the ideas, aesthetics, and movements that will dominate creative communication this year, Depositphotos has released its 2023 Creative Trends Report, after extensive research and collaboration with the global creative community.

The team at Depositphotos uses data from its 250-million file library, analyzes statistics, and speaks to industry experts to share an in-depth perspective on where creative and visual communication is heading. Here are the top trends of the year.

Creative Trends 2023 - Annual Research-Based Forecast by Depositphotos and International Experts


Creative Trends 2023 - Ready to escape?



Creative Trends 2023 - Anime Thrill
Anime Thrill Images / Videos / Music



Creative Trends 2023 - Back To The Wild
Back To The Wild Images / Videos / Music



Creative Trends 2023 - A Wonderful Age
A Wonderful Age Images / Videos / Music



Creative Trends 2023 - Ethereal World
Ethereal World Images / Videos / Music



Creative Trends 2023 - Eye On Sustainability
Eye On Sustainability Images / Videos / Music



Creative Trends 2023 - Wellness Upgrade
Wellness Upgrade Images / Videos / Music



Creative Trends 2023 - A Blast Of Joy
A Blast Of Joy Images / Videos / Music


Creative Trends 2023 - Credits

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